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Classes for Youth:

Safe@Home (Macomb)
The Power of Budgeting (Havana)
Babysitting 101 (Macomb, Havana)

Personal Development  Classes:
Photos From My Phone (Rushville, Canton, Macomb)
Lincoln's New Salem Tour (Departs Canton)
Downsize and Declutter (Havana)
Flower Pounding Art (Canton)
Watercolor Classes (Macomb)
Decked Out Holiday Desserts (Canton)
Beginning Woodworking (Rushville)
Knotty Sippers Macramè (Canton)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (Canton)
Wine About Spoon River Country Tour (Starts in Canton)

Book Club (Virtual)
10 Alzheimer's Warning Signs (Macomb)
Research on the Illinois River (Havana)

Lifelong Learning Conference (Canton/Macomb)
Community Leadership Academy (Canton)
Healthy Living For Your Brain (Macomb)
Instant Piano or Guitar (Virtual)
Chalk Couture (Canton, Macomb)
Comedy Writing: How to Be Funny on Paper or on Stage (Virtual)
Earn Extra Money Mystery Shopping (Virtual)

Career & Professional Development Classes:
Cannabis Education Classes 
Certified Medical Assistant Bootcamp (Canton)
ELDT Hazmat Training (Canton)

Food Service Manager (Macomb)

Technology Classes:
Computer Basics (Canton, Havana, Macomb, Rushville)
Microsoft Excel (Canton, Havana, Macomb)
Google Sheets (Macomb)
Microsoft Word (Canton, Macomb, Havana)
Photos From My Phone (Canton, Macomb, Rushville)

Customized Classes for your Business:
Customized Training on Any Topic for Your Business

Online Classes:
Microsoft Excel 
Microsoft Excel Level 2
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Classes through our partner Ed2Go

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Our Mission:

The Mission of the Spoon River College Office of Community Outreach is to positively impact the communities we serve through offerings, partnerships, projects, new opportunities, and leadership.

Thank you for visiting us today. We take pride in making sure we are providing you with the most current information about our programs. Whether it's personally or professionally we want to help you! Courses, programs and projects are ongoing…

About Us:

The Spoon River College Office of Community Outreach offers a variety of classes, seminars, workshops, and events that enhance personal and professional development as well as promotes lifelong learning opportunities. Classes and seminars are offered both day and evening in short intervals. Most seminars do not include tests, homework or commitment beyond attendance and participation.