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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I register and pay online?
Answer: Yes. Under the Browse Option you can choose "All Classes". Find the course you like and then click "Add to Cart". Next if you choose "View Details" it will take you to the checkout page. 

Question: Do your classes provide college credit?
Answer: No. Our classes are short term classes so they do not provide college credit. However, our classes are a great way to gain skills needed for employment. Take a class and add it to your resume! 

Question: How long do most classes last?
Answer: Our classes are short term. This means that they might only meet one time for just a few hours. The majority of our classes are 3 hour workshops. Some of our Professional Development courses can go up to 50 contact hours. 

Question: What if I can't find a class I'm looking for or the times don't work for me?
Answer: Feel free to email us your course suggestions or time preferences for classes. Our email is

Question: How do you choose what classes to offer?
Answer: We try to offer a variety of topics. We choose them based on popularity, what is requested by the community, and by the instructors that we have available. If you have a suggestion please email us at

Question: How can I become an instructor for Spoon River College Outreach?
Answer: We are always looking for new instructors. Choose "Teaching" from the Browse menu and send us your Course Proposal. 

Question: Do you have a refund policy?
Answer: Yes. Most classes do have a refund policy if you cancel within a certain time. Make sure to ask about that policy when registering for classes with us.

 What is an Electronic Voucher?
Answer: An Electronic Voucher can be applied to your account instead of a refund. It puts a credit on your account that can be used for a future class or event.

 If I sign up for a class is my email address added to any email lists?
Answer: By signing up for our classes you are agreeing to receive occasional updates from the Spoon River College Office of Community Outreach regarding upcoming offerings. You will have the option to opt out of these notifications at any time. Or call our main office at 309-833-6031 and request to be taken off the email list. 

 If my picture is taken during a class what will it be used for?
Answer: Class photos are occasionally used for marketing purposes. If you would like to request that your photo NOT be utilized for these purposes, please email or call 309-833-6031.

 Do electronic vouchers have an expiration date?
Answer: Yes. Electronic Vouchers are valid for 12 months.