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Profile Creation

Creating a Profile for Adults:

Not sure which profile to create? Here are the differences.

  • A Student Profile is for registering one person for a program. This is for the actual person taking the class.
  • A Household Profile is used for families registering multiple people from the same household for classes and events. Examples of this are parents registering children or a husband and wife signing up for a classes together. The main benefit for this is that you can register and pay for multiple people at the same time and in the same payment transaction. You will create a primary profile and then add additional members to your household.

Creating a Profile for Youth:

  • If you choose the Student Profile type you can still register your child but please use your child’s information and not yours when creating the profile.
  • The preferred method for registering youth is to create a Household Profile. With this option you can create a profile for yourself and add a profile for each child into your household. Once the Household is created you will need to choose "Add youth member to household" (screenshot below).?
If you are having difficulty registering your child it could be because your child has already taken a class and a profile has been created. If this is the case give us a call at 309-833-6031 so we can walk you through what to do.