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Welcome to our sign in page! Have a great day.

If you have taken a class with us since July 2019 you already have an account setup. If you would like to use your account to register online and don't know your login and password please call us at 309-833-6031 so we can help you. You can also try using our standard login with your information (Username: firstname.lastname & Password: Student2019).  

Registering a child... You will need to sign in or Create a New Profile. If you already have an account for your child login with the credentials you created. If you have not registered your child before please create a New Profile for your child.
Which Profile do I create?
  • Student Profile: Setup a Student Profile if you are registering only one child.
  • Household Profile: Create a Household profile if you have multiple students you plan to register. 

Sign In

Use your username and password to sign in here. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

New Students

Click Create New Profile to create your own username, password and profile.